Does this replace lip injections?
No, it does not. With lip injections doctors are able to go deeper into the skin. This gives them an advantage to shape and mold the lips. Whereas hyaluron pen will give you volume to your current lips.
What is Hyaluronic acid?
Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance that is found in the human body. It is mainly found in the eyes and joints. Fillers main substance consist of hyaluron acid therefore allergies to filler is very rare. The substance can hold 1000x its weight in water. Every single type of filler we use is Health Canada Approved.
Lip injections goes deeper into the hypodermis. This gives them an advantage to shape the lips. Whereas Hyaluron pen launches filler via pressure on a superficial level, penetrating into the first layer of the dermis. Hyaluron pen cannot cause occlusions (Blood clots) complications that comes with lip injections. The pen cannot launch deep enough to do so.
What's the difference between
lip injection and hyaluron pen lip filler?
How long
does it last?
Depending on how fast the body metabolizes. It'll last anywhere from 3-9 months. A touch up is recommended 3 weeks after your first appointment.
Any risks or
side effects?
There is no allergy risk to the filler since it is naturally occurring in the body. Some side effects are bruising, bleeding or swelling. This generally subside in a couple of days. Unlike needle injection, there is no risk of occlusion (blockage of artery) because the filler is dispensed superficially. The pen uses Transdermal pressure technology to penetrate hyaluronic acid into the lips. Imagine a water balloon getting being launched onto a cloth. It is dispersed underneath the skin without going deep enough to reach the artery.
Do you have to be
a nurse/doctor to
perform this procedure?
Since hyaluron pen is non-invasive and needle free you do not need to be a nurse or doctor.
I've taken a course from Europe, where the procedure originated from to ensure safe application. 


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